b.square Features

a killer application

b.square is a B2B matchmaking event management platform able to fully manage pre, in and post event needs, from subscription to participants satisfaction evaluation.

b.square matchmaking is based on an optimization algorithm implementation of an operative research heuristics that navigates the appointments tree in all its deepness.

The aim of the algorithm is to create the best appointment agenda satisfying:

  • appointments requests;
  • participants availability;
  • panels participation;
  • participants importance.

participants satisfaction

b.square is designed to increase participants satisfaction and to help organizers to easily satisfy the requests of key players.

The organization can tune the optimization of agendas through the assignment of different "weights" to participants: the higher is the weight the higher will be the participant's importance.

The algorithm satisfies VIPs before other participants so that their agendas will be full of meetings.


mobile friendly


b.square platform is realized with responsive graphic design to be usable on every device - from computers to mobiles and tablets.

b.square is iCalendar ready: let your participants save their meetings on their favorite agenda by dynamically producing iCalendar files (.ics).

iCalendar files are supported by a wide range of calendar applications, ranging from Apple iCal to Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

for participants

Through the web interface users can:

  • profile themselves;
  • set up their availability;
  • sign up to panels and conferences;
  • check other participants' profiles;
  • receive a list of suggested appointments;
  • ask appointments to other participants;
  • accept or decline appointment requests;
  • obtain an optimized schedule of their meetings.

for organizers

The organization, through a back-office web interface, is able to:

  • supervise all accreditation steps;
  • overrule users settings;
  • have a global view of the situation of the participants and their meetings;
  • tune meeting scheduling optimization process.
b.square it’s a gorgeous tool that helps you to make great events!

included plus


customizable application form

Participants profiling is a critical issue for everyone who wants to organize a successful meeting event.

Through the application form each participant presents his business, focuses his needs and defines his offers.

Any type of selection or filter on the participants's list is based on application form fields as well as the company card.

For this reason in b.square platform embeds an application form easy to fill in and fully customizable to satisfy participants and organizers needs.


appointments suggestion

b.square is able to automatically suggest to each participant a list of “have to meet” people matching their profiles.

The selection is based on application form fields and rules set by the organizers.

Suggestions help participants to find possible partners for their business and it is a good starting point to get acquainted with with the platform philosophy.

The appointments suggestion increases customer satisfaction and helps organization to grow up the event.


panels management

b.square platform embeds panels management that/which::

  • manages participants' subscription;
  • automatically sets the unavailability of the participant for all the panel duration;
  • inserts subscribed panel information in the agenda;
  • provides the organizers with the list of attendants for each panel;

The panels management feature helps participants to effectively manage their time. Those  who have many appointment requests can unsubscribe from some panels to have more time for meetings, while those who have free time will be interested in attending panels.


meetings freezing

b.square allows to freeze a meeting to be sure that its scheduling will not change.

The meetings freezing is normally used a few days before the event in order to ensure participants, in particular long-distant travelers, that their appointment list will not change.

Meetings freezing is also useful to satisfy VIPs or institutional participants who want an early confirmation of their meetings.

Even if some meetings have been already frozen the optimization algorithm continues its job by setting new meetings without moving the frozen ones.


real time optimization

b.square has a very efficient optimization algorithm that allows to optimize the agendas very often: it analyzes all the appointment requests, panels subscriptions and participants availability to create the optimal agenda.

Participants see their confirmed appointments quickly set and are pushed to accept others requests.

Thanks to the optimization efficiency, events increase the number of business occasions and participants becoming more and more successful every year.


Software as a Service platform

b.square is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) web platform.

Nor users neither organizations have to install a software on their computer: they only need a web browser and an internet connection and their username and password, of course!

SaaS platform means an always up-to-date tool in a controlled webfarm, with data storage on dedicated servers and a backup service always on.


System Integration

b.square is integrable with every platform, private and public, accessible in Internet with an API interface.

b.square is already integrated with:


Data sharing

b.square platform is able to import the participants' list and other information uploading files given by the organizers in a machine readable format (e.g., .csv or .xls files).

In the same way, after the event, any information on the participants, meetings and panels is downloadable to be analyzed or simply stored.




increment of participants and meetings by the introduction of b.square platform



of the accepted appointments becomes scheduled meetings thanks to the b.square optimization algorithm


more than 3.500 participants from 61 countries

have successfully used b.square platform to make business.